How to choose between various Medicare Supplement Plans?


One thing which every person is confused about is how to choose among the best Medicare Supplement Plans. There are several common as well as unique features associated with each Medigap policy. Some provide you extra coverage amount and some extend the coverage area. Some even do both the things but in a controlled amount. So, how are you going to choose among them? The basis thing which you need to understand before choosing any of the policies is your need. Once you identify this particular factor it will become easy to decide your choice.

You must also look into the following points before making the decisions:-

  • You must analyses the extent of your need. You should look whether the original Medicare is able to satisfy them or not.
  • You must then see which specific need of yours is not satisfied which would help you a lot to choose a particular Medigap policy.

Types of Medicare Supplement Plans

There are ten different types of Medigap policies which are denoted by letters which are A, B, C, D, F, K, L, M and N. Each policy is given a unique alphabetical number in order to differentiate them. The difference between the policies is characterised by the different area and extent of coverage provided by these policies. Here are the different policies and the coverage that they provide:-

  • You will be glad to know that Part A coinsurance coverage is provided by all the Medigap policy. This means that for this particular feature you can go for any policy.
  • Part B coinsurance coverage is also provided by all the plans expect Plan K and Plan L where the coverage is only up to fifty and seventy five percent respectively.
  • In case you need blood then this cost is also covered by the Medigap policies. The cost of blood up to three pints is covered to full extent by all the policies except Plan K and Plan L where the extent of coverage is again fifty and seventy five percent.
  • Skilled nursing coinsurance is also covered by a majority of Medicare Supplement Plans. Plan A and Plan B does not cover this part and Plan K and Plan L cover only fifty and seventy five percent respectively.

Which one is suitable for you?

Now that you know about the different coverage it would have become easy for you to understand which of the Medicare Supplement Plans are most suitable for you. The foreign travel exchange is also covered up to eighty percent by Plan C, D, F, G, M and N.