Medicare Insurance – What is it?

Health is very important for everyone. Since we are very young we are taught to take care of our body and maintain our wellbeing in order to have a full life. However, there are times of illness that make us weaken and seek professional help which can be very expensive and you may not have the money at that time. That’s why insurance exists.

Medicare is the health insurance program that the United States government has for a series of specific cases to which it provides medical protection in case they need it. Medicare is conceived as one of the initiatives for each person to have life insurance.

Medicare, as such, is aimed at protecting people over 65 and young people with a disability such as cancer, kidney failure or dialysis needs. As such, it is an opportunity that the United States of America gives its people so that they can stay healthy even in difficult times.

Medicare Insurance was created in 1965 through the Social Security Act proposed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The agency responsible for administering this initiative is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, while the Social Security Administration is responsible for determining Medicare eligibility and subsequently processing premium payments.

Going deeper, Medicare is divided into four parts. Part A corresponds to the Hospital Insurance and covers the stays of patients in the clinics, especially when they have to stay overnight. In addition, it includes a room, tests, food and medical fees.

Part B refers to Medical Insurance. This part of Medicare helps you pay for some services that Part A does not cover, usually they are outpatient issues. Acquiring this part is not mandatory as long as the spouse or the beneficiary of the insurance are actively working, otherwise, there is a penalty.

On the other hand, you come across Medicare Part C. This is related to Medicare Advantage plans that go hand in hand with private health plans. You can activate this part around the whole country and are offered by private insurance companies.

Last, you have Medicare Part D. If you have trouble getting your medications or do not have the full budget to pay for them, this part of Medicare Insurance is the most appropriate for you. If you have part A and B you are eligible for this modality.

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