How to choose between various Medicare Supplement Plans?


One thing which every person is confused about is how to choose among the best Medicare Supplement Plans. There are several common as well as unique features associated with each Medigap policy. Some provide you extra coverage amount and some extend the coverage area. Some even do both the things but in a controlled amount. So, how are you going to choose among them? The basis thing which you need to understand before choosing any of the policies is your need. Once you identify this particular factor it will become easy to decide your choice.

You must also look into the following points before making the decisions:-

  • You must analyses the extent of your need. You should look whether the original Medicare is able to satisfy them or not.
  • You must then see which specific need of yours is not satisfied which would help you a lot to choose a particular Medigap policy.

Types of Medicare Supplement Plans

There are ten different types of Medigap policies which are denoted by letters which are A, B, C, D, F, K, L, M and N. Each policy is given a unique alphabetical number in order to differentiate them. The difference between the policies is characterised by the different area and extent of coverage provided by these policies. Here are the different policies and the coverage that they provide:-

  • You will be glad to know that Part A coinsurance coverage is provided by all the Medigap policy. This means that for this particular feature you can go for any policy.
  • Part B coinsurance coverage is also provided by all the plans expect Plan K and Plan L where the coverage is only up to fifty and seventy five percent respectively.
  • In case you need blood then this cost is also covered by the Medigap policies. The cost of blood up to three pints is covered to full extent by all the policies except Plan K and Plan L where the extent of coverage is again fifty and seventy five percent.
  • Skilled nursing coinsurance is also covered by a majority of Medicare Supplement Plans. Plan A and Plan B does not cover this part and Plan K and Plan L cover only fifty and seventy five percent respectively.

Which one is suitable for you?

Now that you know about the different coverage it would have become easy for you to understand which of the Medicare Supplement Plans are most suitable for you. The foreign travel exchange is also covered up to eighty percent by Plan C, D, F, G, M and N.


Things to do before you can pick a Medicare Supplementary Plan

Medicare Supplementary Plans have become what most people are using especially those who are thinking of post retirement life.  Life after retirement can be fun or daunting depending on how you have planned it. This is the reason why we have the opportunity of choosing from the many insurance firms on the type of medical plan that will suit us well. If you are not careful in choosing your plan, you may end up spending a lot of money for the wrong health care plan.

It is not uncommon to hear people complain bitterly that they spent a lot of money on a premium only to discover that a cheaper premium was what they actually needed.  You should understand that it is not every Medigap plan that will suit you. If you are wondering how to go about your medical insurance, the following are things you should do.

These tips would go a long way to help you make the best choice. The best supplement plan in your area may not be the right one for you.

The Health Needs

You should assess your health needs thoroughly before making your choice. When the time is close for you to be eligible for Medigap and Medicare, you should not take the decision alone. You should meet with your doctor and talk about your health needs. A list should be made on your common needs and then the policies should be looked at before you can make your choice.

The Selection Process

The selection process is very important when it comes to Medigap plans. You should not choose a plan without comparing about two or three other options.  When you are sure that you have exhausted your needs on the plans, you can then make your choice. This is one of the ways to avoid the challenges that come with plan selection.  Do not forget that your budget should be considered before you can make your selection.

The Quotes

You should try and get as many quotes as you can, including offers to make your comparison. There are many insurance websites that are offering you free quotes in your area. You can ask for these quotes and make your comparison. When you have done this, you are not limited to making your selection to enroll in a Transamerica Medicare supplement.


You should make your research and then think thoroughly before making your decision. When you take time to decide on the plan to choose, it will be easier to avoid mistakes. The mistakes made during selection may cost you money and time to correct. This is the reason why impulse decision making should be avoided.

The good news is that you have the opportunity of changing a plan. Some firms give a 30 days grace to decide if you are ready to use their services. Think and assess a plan before you can sign on it.  The internet is your best friend when it comes to choosing your health plan.

Find out more about Medicare Advantage Plans

It is necessary for every citizen who have touched the age of 62 to avail Medicare plans to take care of their healthcare related expenses. But prior to taking any decisions, it is essential to understand what is offered by Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018.

Network based plan

According to the industry experts, Medicare Advantage Plans tends to rely upon specific network providers. Such networks can be found as PFFS, PPO or HMOs. Some variances can also be found with regards to them, but these are termed to be the common ones.

Not created equal

Even though they are found to have the same structuring, Advantage plans may vary drastically from one plan to the other. It means, proper homework is to be done prior to joining any of the plans. The first task is to identify whether the provider is in network or not. The next factor to be taken into consideration that is mostly ignored is Maximum out of pocket expense to be met. Small things such as physician co-pay are not to be taken priority, as not much amount will be involved.

Offers maximum out of pocket

One major benefit to be derived from Medicare Advantage Plans is maximum out of pocket. Original Medical is found not to provide the policy holder with this type of protection. Those eager to save precious money or not able to afford Medicare Supplement can find Maximum out of pocket aspect of Medicare Advantage to offer plenty of security.

Part of Medicare

There are many people, who are of the belief that their Medicare benefits will be lost if they avail Advantage plan. However, what they fail to realize is the fact that Medicare Advantage Plans are Medicare’s Part C. The experts’ state that the Advantage plan does override the benefits of Part A & B. however,  it is termed to be a good thing for the policy holder, since it helps him/her to avoid paying huge amount ad deductibles along with that 20%.

Not appropriate for everyone!

The truth not a single insurance plan exists that can fit the specific requirements and needs of every person. The reason is because every plan is found to be different and so are the requirements and needs of every person. There are several authorized providers in the industry who do offer majority of the popular plans. It will be necessary to find out more about the different plans available and to select the best one.

Tips to Select a Suitable Medicare Supplement Plans by Considering All Your Options

Presently you can avail almost ten different options when it comes to Medicare supplement plans and all of which are standardized as per government decided norm and categorical benefits. Therefore whether you take a particular policy from within your options from A to N, like for example A, from a company X or Y the benefits and coverage they offer are going to be the same. This enhances customer’s experience

  • Makes policy shopping easier
  • You only need to compare the prices
  • Look for the company that you trust the most
  • Look for a company which has faster payment offering procedures

However, you can feel relax with the complicated comparisons like networks, deductibles or copays while to try to select company for a policy. However, while these might not be your priority concerns, obviously picking up the right Medicare supplement plans for yourself and your family is the prime decision.

Picking the Right Plan

The US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services have detailed a chart for the benefits of the people, so that people can choose the right plan for themselves.

  • Plan A stands to be most basic one amongst all, for it pays for most of the copayments and coinsurances along with nursing care payments as well.
  • If you are looking something which will be a comprehensive one, you can pick up Plan F. With this plan you can avail the additional co charges outside your main Medicare. Plan F can offer you charges like copays, coinsurance, deductibles or foreign travels for medical purposes, which are usually not compensated by the Original Medicare.
  • However, while selecting K and L you need to know that they function somewhat like deductibles.

Basic Benefits

While the Medigaps may differ in some potential areas, there are some basic areas which all the plans must cover.

  • Medicare Part A offers essentially the hospice care copayments and coinsurance.
  • The Coinsurance costs of the Medicare Part A offer coverage of additional 365 days even after the Original Medicare is exhausted.
  • The coinsurance and copayments of Medicare Part B
  • These even covers the first three pints of blood which is used for any kind of medical purpose

Moreover, when Medicare Supplement Plans offer coverage for a certain benefits, it generally offers 100% coverage, unless there is any alteration as per otherwise specifications.